Ep. 43: Lawrence Gowan of Styx on “The Mission” of The Band’s Legacy

In this episode: We check in with Lawrence Gowan, the lead singer and keyboardist for Styx, talk about the longevity of “The Grand Illusion” called rock music, what makes Classic Rock “classic,” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions and bringing his “Renegade” progressive rock influence to one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time!

…and you’re fooling yourself, if you don’t believe it!

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For more on Styx, visit the following sites: 

WEBSITE: styxworld.com/

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/styxtheband

TWITTER: twitter.com/STYXtheband

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/styxtheband/

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/user/styxtheband

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