Ep. 31: From Good Homes’ Patrick Fitzsimmons Discusses “Time & The River,” The Band’s First Studio Album In Over 20 Years!

In this episode: Patrick Fitzsimmons, drummer of From Good Homes’ joins us to talk about “Time & The River,” the band’s first studio album since their 1998 self titled release for RCA records, the band’s beginnings in the New Jersey music scene up through their original split in 1999, and how a weekend of reunion shows in 2009 helped set the stage for this new music!

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To learn more about From Good Homes / Patrick Fitzsimmons, you can visit the following sites: 

WEBSITE:  fromgoodhomes.com | patrickfitzsimmons.net

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/fromgoodhomes | Patrick Fitzsimmons

TWITTER:  twitter.com/fromgoodhomes

INSTAGRAM:  instagram.com/fromgoodhomes

YOUTUBE:  youtube.com/user/FromGoodHomes


This video is Brian singing on stage with From Good Homes at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA back in 2011. Brian still apologizes for his horrendous dancing… haha!


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