Ep. 30: Green Jello’s Bill Manspeaker Dishes On Guinness World Records, The Tool Connection & “Three Little Pigs”

In a VERY NSFW episode: Bill Manspeaker, the head puppet master for Green Jellö (or Green Jellÿ, as most see itjoins us to unravel the “world’s worst band,” bite by bite.

Among the many topics we discuss: the band celebrating its (wait for it) 39th anniversary; the “Three Little Pigs” video sensation; holding the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest band (currently over 900+ members!); securing a record contract without the label hearing a single note of the band’s music; being hated by The Ramones; writing and recording a cover of a Gary Glitter song, featuring Hulk Hogan on vocals; directing videos for Tupac, Weird Al, and Marilyn Manson (among many others!); their connection to hard rock band Tool; and of course, challenging anyone to try and de-throne them from their “world’s worst band” title (here’s a hint…you can’t!)

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