Ep. 19: I’ve Heard That Before (The “Musical Ripoffs” Debate)

ALL ABOARD! Attention, Riders: This episode features an in-depth look at the age-old question (the ‘Who Wore It Better’ of the music scene) “DID YOU JUST RIP ME OFF?!”

Dr. David Crider, of Upstate NY’s Oswego State University, joins us on a discussion of a few of the notable artists who…ahem…”borrowed” from another artist, and often got slapped with a lawsuit for it!

So, lawyer up, and get ready for the Royal Rumble of the RIAA! NEXT STOP: RIPOFFS! Stay back from the closing doors…

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This is the track by SR-71 we discussed. Is this a Guns N’ Roses homage or blanant ripoff? You decide!


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